Bezeto is a business that has set itself the goal of importing from Ethiopia top quality products, with export quality to Europe and the United States

Bazto's flagship product is organic white honey, produced in the mountainous region of Tigray in northern Ethiopia. It is known as a unique and premium honey on a global scale. Later on we entend to import  several other kinds of organic honey.  Later,  other premiume products will be imported, but at the beginning the focus is on white honey

The Israeli market is flooded with cheap products, most of which are imported from China.
On the other hand, we at Bazeto recognize the need for high quality imported consumer goods that the market does not meet at present, or that the prices are very high for the local consumer. We in Bazeto have the ability to import such products and make them accessible to the local consumer, both in terms of supply and prices

Ethiopia is now one of the fastest growing countries with the industry.
In addition, Ethiopia has resources and consumer goods that we believe will have a high demand in the consumer market here.

Our knowledge with the supply and demand market of both countries - Israel and Ethiopia - allows us to identify the needs that the markets of these two countries can meet.

Bazeto will be able to provide quality products to the local market in Israel at prices lower than what is currently accepted and of high quality, at least as currently exists.